Hair Loss and Related Problems

Who hasn’t been troubled by hair loss at some point or the other? From a matter of losing significant strands a day to a one-way street to baldness, we each have problems of our own. It would be fantastic if our hair look gloriously healthy and it stayed on our scalp instead of finding its way onto our pillows, shoulders, combs and shower drains. But instead of worrying you should deal with the problem.

Before you take any drastic treatment measures, you need to first determine why your hair is falling. It may not be the new shampoo you bought; the villain may be stress or a nutrition deficiency. This section is dedicated exclusively to help you understand where your hair loss problem is stemming from. Proper diagnosis means the correct treatment.

It helps to remember that losing about a hundred or so strands a day is natural and not a cause for concern. But when there is a tremendous increase in hair fall, get alert. Just as an ache in your body indicates a problem, hair loss is also indicative of deeper problems. However it is not something that cannot be fixed with a little attention and the right remedy!

Some of us are genetically predisposed to hair loss and alopecia. But new-age treatments like blocking agents can help you correct the problem. Ageing too slows down our bodies and reduces the blood supply to hair follicles leading to unhealthy hair loss patterns.

Women may think that they are safe from going bald since alopecia occurs more commonly in men. Still hair loss is painful enough! Any woman knows how precious her locks are to add beauty and personality to her face.

Anemia is a major cause that can lead to hair loss. Try losing a drastic amount of weight in a short period of time by crash dieting and you will find your hair dropping more than it is acceptable. Or even just imbalanced meals can lead to deficiencies in women especially due to the loss of blood during menstruation.

You may think a few iron tablets may do the trick to get rid of anemia. But did you know that iron deficiency anemia (although most common) is not the only kind that exists? Anemia may arise from a deficiency in copper or vitamin B12 too. There are several food items that can help you build these up.

Healthy eating and a good fitness program can cure most of your mental and physical problems. But really, more than nutrition deficiencies, stressing yourself out can help you lose hair (and lots of it!). Besides this there are umpteen number of causes leading to hair loss. Prolonged illness, severe infections, certain medications etc. can really attack those locks of yours.

If you are suffering from hair loss, it is time to discover what exactly is causing it. Consuming iron-rich foods when what you actually need is protein will only result in disappointment. Get cracking! Track the exact problem and tackle it so your gorgeous hair can be the crown of your good looks.