Herbs for Hair Growth

Hair loss is a problem both men and women face in their lives. There are many causes for hair loss; similarly, there are also different forms of treatments available to cure hair loss. There are also many herbs used today to help people suffering from hair loss. Some herbs are effective in controlling and limiting hair loss while there are many herbs for hair growth in the market. There are many herbs that are effective in inducing hair growth. Some herbs have to be applied to the hair, and some ingested wherein it is possible to induce hair growth.

The human hair is made of a protein called keratin and the hair that we see is basically the dead part of protein. It is the hair below the scalp, the follicle that is the living part of the hair that supplies nourishment to the dead cells for you to grow that crowning glory. There is a cluster of cells called the papilla from which the hair forms. It is the sebaceous gland that helps keep the hair shiny and looking vibrant where its excess activity makes hair oily, it’s reduced activity only makes hair dry and lifeless.

It is the blood circulating the hair follicle that gives hair its healthy look. So to promote hair growth, it is necessary to increase the blood circulating the hair follicle. Oil massage is effective for this. The best oils for hair regrowth are warm olive oil or warm coconut oil. In addition to this massage, regular henna conditioning helps in increased hair growth.

Henna is one of the effective herbs for hair growth that is used to help re-growth of hair and to dye and condition the hair. When mixed with other additives like gooseberry extract, coffee or lemon juice it helps in curing hair fall and to bring life to lifeless hair. In addition to this, henna also gives an auburn sheen to the hair, without any counter effects of ammonia dyes.

One of the many herbs for hair growth used today is Rosemary. The reason this herb is used is because it helps in stimulating the hair to grow. There is also the Chinese herb Dong quai can that helps control testosterones from changing to DHT. With this, there is a reduction in the amount of hair that the person loses.

Honey is another herb for hair growth, which when used as a paste with warm olive oil and a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder helps in promoting hair growth and keep hair soft and shiny. In addition to herbs for hair growth, ayurveda states that the diet should be right to induce hair growth.

A diet rich in vitamin A helps take care of hair loss; so it is better to eat green and leafy vegetables like spinach, milk, sprouted beans and lots of salads. Proteins are also very effective in promoting hair growth; so add buttermilk, soya beans, wheat germs, whole grains and nuts to your diet, besides meat and dairy products.